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World Cup Fever - Do you have the symptoms?

It's 49 days away if you hadn't already heard and it's roughly around about now, when the domestic seasons starts to fizzle out and the symptoms for World Cup fever begin to show. Before, it was just a thought at the back of your mind but now, it's under two months away and you're starting to mentally prepare for the big one. Game after game, day after day for a month straight - it doesn't really get much better than that.

As the football hysteria starts to ramp up, the excitement begins to build and that little mind of yours starts to believe, once again that this will be the year to banish that song relating to god knows how many years of hurt. Just to clarify, it's now a disgusting 52...

It's also coming into May, the month when the ordinary person, like you or I, slowly starts to develop the true signs of World Cup Fever. And for that reason, we're going to delve into the symptoms... so, do you have it?



Holiday Plans

First up, it's an almost obvious sign of world cup fever which possibly started to emerge a few months ago when your partner brought up the idea of going on holiday for a fortnight in June. For them it's a no brainer - sun and sand for cheaper prices than in late July and August, but for you it means potentially missing games like Iran v Morocco. You suggest August instead, as 'it's probably hotter' - you end up paying more but you it means you can sit at home, in a dark room watching football for a month in rainy England. Now who's the real winner?


You get a Free Panini Sticker Album and you toy with the idea of collecting them this summer.

Now, it's hard to escape Panini stickers during a world cup - they're literally everywhere. Every newspaper and magazine has the album for free anyway so you may aswell collect them again like you did as a kid. You're now in your mid to late twenties or thirties, yet you still give it a go. 10 packs down the line and you already have 4 Sebastian Larssons so you decide to sack it off for another two years.


You use a world cup wallchart

It came with the paper, so you might aswell fill it out religiously. It's not really that useful as you can easily find out the scores or tables on your phone in 10 seconds but you still end up doing it, sticking it up on the wall where your cute couple photo is.


You start to think about the BBQ's you're going to have

England World cup matches and BBQ's are synonymous with eachother, irrespective of the British climate. It's probably going to piss it down but you still have to somehow wheel the TV out into the tiny garden, whack out the Gazebo and get everyone over. It makes losing on penalties in the qaurters a little easier when there's crates of Carlsberg to be sunk.


The Sweepstake comes out

The sweepstake is an English staple. 32 teams, £1 each, the Boss picks Germany, you pick out Saudi Arabia. Game over.


You Dig out your England Shirt, from 2006.

It's a bit worse for wear as it's endured a fair few disappointments. It's got Gaz 69 on the back because you're a fucking legend. Beer and ketchup stains from the Pub back in 2010, so you decide it's probably worth finding a new one for this year.

We recommend our range of England classics, obviously.


You start to believe.

Well you do, quietly. When anyone talks about the world cup, you play down Englands chances because it's a lot cooler. "We'll bottle it again" or "Not as good as the rest" will be muttered - yet, deep down you have a little tingly feeling and you reckon we'll actually do it this year because Raheem, Dele and Harry are on fire.


So, there you have it. Some may be able to tick off a few symptoms - others, probably aren't really football fans.