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Why Vintage Football Shirts are the way forward.

The oversized sleeves. The ridiculous Goalkeeper shirts. The collars and of course, the obscure sponsors which continue to baffle. A few reasons as to why the shirts from back in the day were simply, better.

Everyone has a favourite shirt - a shirt that defines an era. The famous Grandad collar at Newcastle United in the mid nineties, is quite rightly labelled a classic. A shirt that holds memories of Keegan, his rant and the entertainers winning 4-3 every saturday. Every Vintage Football shirt means a lot more than a matchday essential - it's a trip down memory lane, for the nostalgic fan.

Arsenal's Iconic away designs of the early nineties have never quite been trumped. Englands iconic umbro design for Italia 90 still remains the most sought after. Whilst the uniquely tailored shirts of the 90's are always the most memorable - albeit, some were very odd.

Perhaps the imagination has been lost a little these days? Template shirts and 'super high tec' fitting designs, dominate the current crop of football shirts in todays game. Shirts that are quite frankly, not suited to everyone. So here at Iconic Kits we plead you to reconsider your shirt choice. Let's bring back the Vintage football shirt to the mainstream and rediscover why we loved wearing our colours.