Why a Vintage Football Shirt is well worth the investment.

You've probably noticed that Vintage Football Shirts have become the new thing over recent years. Men, Women, old and young are rediscovering classic shirts from their favourite era or season and are wearing their colours with pride again.

Here at Iconic Kits, we're obviously lovers of the memorably retro shirts that will always stand the test of time, so we thought we'd help you out a little and fight the 'vintage shirt' corner - detailing just why opting for a belter of a golden oldie for the terraces this season will be worthwhile.

1. People will look at you with respect.

Wear a shirt from the 90's and you're likely to get the 'he clearly knows his stuff' look from anyone you see. Massive sleeves, that random sponsor no one knew anything about, made by hipster category sportswear brands that dissolved into the noughties before shirts became huge worldwide. Wear one with an obscure players name and number on the back for extra Kudos. Vintage Shirts stand out and instantly make you look like a knowledgable football nut.


2.Some just look bloody lovely.

A lot of older shirts, are simply iconic. Think Spurs and southampton Hummel Shirts, Newcastle Grandad Collar classics and Germany italia 90 designs - they are all timeless and still look just as good today than they did back then.


3. They make great conversation starters.

Football fans love to harp on about the good old days and shirts from a certain era will instantly trigger a comment or two about that number 9 who once scored a hattrick against ipswich etc.


4. They increase in value.

Think about how hard to come by some older football shirts are right now - imagine the value in a decade or so away. Considering some shirts 10 years old are already considered classics, it's no wonder people pay big bucks for some 80s and 90s beauts. They are an investment, trust us!


5. They just don't make them like they once did

Typically, shirts these days are thinner, lighter and built for mass worldwide production due to their profitable nature. This means they often lack a little something that all older shirts have. Little details unique to certain shirts was a commonplace in the 90s, as every home shirt differed from the previous seasons one - making them collectable and sought after. Sadly, brash goalkeper designs and zip up collars are a thing of the past - as times change, so do the kits which means that cracking design your club wore during the 1995/96 season is now a real collectors piece and should be looked after!