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Whatever Happened to the old school Football Manager?

Before Arsene Wenger arrived at Arsenal in the mid 90s, Football managers were no nonsense hardmen. Tuesday pub trips and half time hammerings, effing, blinding and mild bullying were the norm - whereas these days, the pampered professional football player would just crumble, if faced with a Barry Fry or Ron Atkinson screaming at them. Quite frankly, we miss the somewhat comical nature of the 90s football manager.

Looking more like the guy in the local boozer or a slightly dodgy used car salesman, Barry Fry represents the old school mentality of a football manager in the 90s down to a tee. Geezer accent - check. A little bit of a beer belly - check. The ability to add, f**k or f**king into every other sentence - Check. And they're you have it, a professional football manager from 20 years ago. We stumbled upon some absolute gems of documentary, delving into the life of Barry Fry whilst in charge of Peterborough United during the 1996/97 Division 2 (now league one) season. His undoubted passion, questionable tactical accument and ridiculous half time team talks are a pleasure to watch.