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The Most Bizarre Shirt Sponsors, Ever.

When you think Shirt sponsors, your mind instantly recalls the iconic brands that have forever been associated with the game. Sharp, Carlsberg, Newcastle Brown Ale, JVC - to name a few, have perhaps blossomed over the years due to their relationship with certain clubs. However, there has also been a number of shirts sponsors who are remembered for the wrong reasons. Brands you never thought could be associated with professional football have occasionally popped up on a teams kit - only for the football world to think 'wtf?'.

So here it is, our list of 5 of the most bizarre and weirdest shirt sponsors, ever.


Portsmouth - Ty

When Portsmouth finally reached the Premier League in 2003, it was their chance to showcase what they're about. It's just that they had to wear a shirt featuring the makers of that annoying teddy bear company who made Beanie Babies. Not one to cause too much fear into the opposition, the huge love heart plastered on the front, made us all realise just what clubs will do for a little more money.

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Sheffield Wednesday - Chupa Chups

Another team to become synonymous with a food related brand was Sheffield Wednesday - albeit, they decided to use the kings of kids lollipops. There's something about the logo that just doesn't really fit on the shirt when it's worn by a 15 stone, 30 year old centre back.



Clydebank - Wet Wet Wet

Not many bands have sponsored a Football Team, but Wet Wet Wet opted to sponsor their hometown club Clydebank, back in 1993. We're not sure if the promotion worked all that well considering their average attendances...


Atletico Madrid - Azerbaijan

One of the most Bizarre sponsors in recent times must be Atletico and their use of 'Visit Azerbaijan' in an attempt to boost the tourism within the country. Whether it worked or not, we're just not too sure..


West Brom - No Smoking

in 1985, West Brom went ahead with the idea of promoting the damaging effects of smoking and stuck a No Smoking symbol on their shirts. Fans on the terraces were still however able to have a cigarette whilst watching the match at that point though.