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Shirts from that season: 1997/98

Ahh, the late nineties - a period in which all football fans (over a certain age) look back on with great nostalgia. Dodgy designs, Collars and sleeves long enough to cover most of your arm - the 90's threw up some Iconic mish mash shirts which will forever be deemed a classic. We're looking at some of the beauts from the 1997/98 season in which arsenal claimed the double, Michael Owen became a household name and the kits were utterly memorable.

Manchester United - Umbro

So bloody 90's. The massive collar immediately allows you to embrace your inner Eric and this two-tone red combo works a treat. Think halfway line goal by Becks against wimbledon and that audacious chip by Cantona against Sunderland. It has it all this one.

Iconic kit Rating - 7/10


Arsenal - Nike

The late nineties Nike Shirts are simply a 90s shirt collectors wet dream. Obviously, as it's 1997, there's a whopping great collar and obviously it's sponsored by JVC - everyones 4th favourite VHS player provider. Think Arsene, winning FA Cups and Bergkamp being Bergkamp.

Iconic Kit Rating - 9/10


Chelsea - Umbro

You couldn't escape an Umbro Kit in the 90's, they were everywhere - yet this one, is a naughty little number for the cockney boys. Umbro love simplicity and they always pulled it off for Chelsea.Think Gullit, Vialli, Zola and half of Italy sticking to Blue.

Iconic Kit Rating - 8/10


Liverpool - Reebok

Liverpool ended their ties with Adidas and switched to Reebok and like Umbro, it was kept nice and simple. Such and old school design yet still looks bloody grand on the Kop 22 years after it was first released. Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler caused havoc in this shirt. Phil Babb also played in it.

Iconic Kit Rating - 7/10


Tottenham - Pony

Back when Pony Sportswear were literally annoyingly everywhere. Pony, otherwise a well known term for 'crap' was a baffling bit of sportswear branding but their kits are very often fondly remembered. Spurs are the most synonymous with crap, I mean Pony and this one is nice. The first shirt in our list to not feature a massive great collar but a V Neck. Think Jurgen scoring and throwing himself to floor in a way that looks like it must hurt.

Iconic Kit Rating - 7/10


Newcastle United - Adidas

Surprisingly, Adidas weren't a prominent feature of late nineties premier league kits - apart from Newcastle. Following up the the Iconic Grandad Collar from 1995/97 was always going to be a tough ask but this crew neck collar has a classic vibe to it - even back in 1997 it looked a bit retro. Without the Newcastle Brown Ale sponsor, we question it but with it, we like it. Think Al scoring about 10 to 15 in an average side and putting his hand up in the air. Don't think about Ruud's sexy football it was a turn off.

Iconic kit Rating - 6/10


Leeds United - Puma

Leeds were a Premier League main stay by this stage. A switch from Asics (another 90s classic) to Puma was a pretty brief one but this kits were very decent indeed. This Button up Grandad Collar design gets my vote, love a bit of button on a football shirt me. Also, the old badge is masterpiece for 90's football Anoraks. Think Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink absolutely pulverising Balls left right and centre - also, this shirt just reminds me of the ginger chap, David Hopkin for some reason.

Iconic Kit Rating - 7/10


Aston Villa - Reebok

Another Reebok effort for the Villains. Not quite as good as the previous home shirt from 1995/97 but this aint all bad really. I think it's the reebok logo from this era that makes a shirt from being pony to nice. The use of the V Neck is nice, a retro touch that has fallen out of favour too. Think Dion Dublin, before Homes under the Hammer and Gareth Southgate, just after that penalty miss and Pizza Hut adverts.

Iconic Kit Rating - 7/10


Leicester City - Fox Leisure

Back when Clubs Manufacturing their own kit was the thing to do, Leicester took the decision to create their own brand and do it themselves. It's a beauty if you love your short sleeves to resemble long sleeves and of course, a V neck. An old school Walkers Logo tops it off - think Emile Heskey and Muzzy Izzett and the start of Robbie Savage pissing off every opponent.

Iconic Kit Rating - 6/10


So, there you have it - a nice little trip down memory lane for you. Put on Ace of  base or Savage Garden on your cassette, whack on Blind Date and and reminisce about all those kits that made you kick a ball instead of doing you homework.

Oh, and if you haven't already worked it out, The Arsenal 1996/98 Home Shirt is our pick of the bunch. Well done Arsene, well done.