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Serie A in the 90's - the Golden Era.

Cast your mind back a bit, if you can. It's the mid nineties, Sunday afternoon and there's absolutely nothing on that small black TV which your Mum and Dad were so proud of - apart from repeats of Only Fools and Horses, James Bond and The Antiques Roadshow.

That is until you stumble upon Channel 4's 'Football Italia' hosted by the James Richardson (By this point, he actually had a bit of hair). You're ecstatic, as it's not often you get to see any football on the small black box and you've pretty much exhausted all the 'own goals and gaffes' VHS's your Granny religiously bought you for your Birthday.

I distinctly remember a lot of coverage involving Mr Richardson holding up Gazetta Dello Sport and going through the latest headlines from the week, which didn't particularly float my boat - but once the action started, well it was what dreams were made of! The exotic names, the amazing goals and the obscure shirts sparked off a love affair for Football and everything that came with it.

These were the days when you learned players names and what they looked like, simply by collecting them in football sticker - long before wikipedia had kicked in. And these were also the days in which, the Italian league was the creme de la creme of Football. The Premier League was slowly starting to emerge on the Global scale but Serie A was the only destination for the Best. George Weah, Gabriel Batistuta and Del Piero to name a few, dominated the Highlights show with Goals that would live long in the memory.

Maybe I was a little naive and perhaps my memories of that show and everything that surrounded the Italian Game during that era, were an effect of little exposure to World Football. Having said that, I like to believe it was a decade that changed Football forever and made football what it is today.

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