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Matt Le Tissier's greatest goals.

Matt Le Tissier had a certain swagger, only players of the ilk of Matt Le Tissier could pull off. Nonchalant flicks, outrageous volley's and long range efforts were the norm during the mid nineties. He wouldn't chase the ball down all that much, neither would he really care too much about training - yet week after week, Le Tiss banged in absolute beauties.

This is why we wan't to take a look at the best 3 humdingers from Matt Le Tissier and my god, they're good.

1. v Newcastle

A long hoof up field is nodded on to Matt slightly behind him but that's fine he'll just casually flick it over him and an oncoming defender. Another hapless defender approaches, so Matt opts to flick it over him too with the outside of his right foot - fair play. With two flicks of the ball, he's suddenly one on one on goal. Most would spank it over but not Matt - Matt side foot's it past the keeper. Standard.

2. v Newcastle

This is from the same bloody game. It's as if one wasn't enough and he fancied another plaudit - just to secure man of the match. This time it's a fairly straight froward attack and if anything, the geordie defence seem to have done ok. There's about 5 of them back, so there's no way Matt will score this time. A cross comes in, which is defended fairly well but falls straight to a Southampton colleague of Matt - who nods it to Le Tiss, because let's be honest, no one else would score. Matt's pretty far out (as per) but cushions the ball on his knee, let's it drop and swings at it whilst spinning towards goal. Like usual, it flies into the opposite corner of the net - the Keeper dives but he has no chance. Not too bad either that one.

3. v Wimbledon

Matt really did hate a standard free kick. They were just boring, so he decided to flick it up on the volley 9 times out of ten. As usual, this one was caught sublimely and flew into the net. Easy this goalscoring malarchy isn't it?

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