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Kit Close-up: Manchester United Away Shirt 1992/93

In terms of Man United shirts from the 90's, this one takes some beating. From an era when shirts stuck in the brain for being so absurdly wacky - this one is one that remains in the football fan's nostalgic 90's throwback for being, quite simply a very decent kit. And by very decent, we actually mean bloody iconic.

Firstly, hats off to the design team for opting for this particular shade off blue with black patterning - it works. Not really sure how to describe the overall look other than; a non-slutty Kat slater tiger style. Those words sound somewhat horrendous for a football shirt but for some reason it's a masterstroke on this jazzy little number.

Secondly, thanks Umbro you've managed to add in another United badge in the background without it looking far too cluttered. Finally, that collar is not a ridiculously oversized one which even King Eric would tut at but a subtly, almost barely noticeable collar which sits nicely on any united fans neck.

When you add up all these points and factor in it's a shirt made 25 years ago - you have to sit back, look impressed and clap your hands. Classic.