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Iconic World Cup Moment - Hand of God

For England fans, regardless of their age - whether they're seasoned World cup watchers or up-and-coming football fanatics - the term "Hand of God" is unlikely to have escaped anyones memory.

The act of using one's hand to score and essentially knock the opposition out of the tournament, is obviously always going to cause a little controversy, yet little could've predicted that 32 years later, English folk across the country are still a tad bitter about the whole fiasco.

It's 22nd June 1986 and England are in the World Cup Quarter Finals against the old arch rivals, Argentina. Mexico is unbearably scorching and theres 90 minutes to separate the two sides, for a place in Semis. As the game kicks off and the two teams battle it out, little happens in a tight and cagey affair during the first 45 minutes. Apart from glimpses of brilliant dribbling by a certain Diego Maradona, neither side really penetrates the oppositions back line enough - resulting in a typically tense interval.

The second half however, picks up a little.

Other than cynically slicing Maradona down with a heavy challenge after heavy challenge, The English defenders were starting to discover just why the compact, jinking argentinian magician was indeed considered, well a magician. Suddenly though, his unique wizardy carved an opening and the ball swayed of course, where Steve Hodge the England winger, shanks a clearance delightfully in the path of Diego who is now running onto the lofted ball with only Peter Shilton in his eyeline. It's now a one-on-one scenario, the small yet springy Maradona versus the experienced level-headed Shilton. In an aerial challenge - there is only one winner on paper. Surely a routine catch. Surely another chance prevented and surely the score is 0-0 still. But wait a minute, it's not...

The ball dribbles into the open net and Diego Maradona runs to the corner flag celebrating whilst the Goalkeeper, looking somewhat perplexed, immediately pleads to the referee whilst repeatedly pointing at his gloves. What was he saying? Handball? Televison replays provided an answer as to whether or not the Argentine did indeed use his hand - however, the goal stood and England were 1-0 down.

Outcry and disgust, coupled with a sense of injustice followed as the clearly apoplectic England players struggle to understand how neither the referee or linesman were able to see that the ball was handled. Fans back home feel cheated as the Argentine gets away with murder - dumping the hopes of millions out on to the street, ending their world cup fanfare for another four years.

Maradona won that day. He later scored a fantastic solo goal as he evaded the majority of the lethergic English players, drifting past Shilton before nestling into the net. His brilliance battled with his controversy throughout his career - but the overriding sense that afternoon was his desire to win, no matter how that may be.