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Iconic Kit Sponsors every fan wants back on their shirt.

For every classic football shirt from over the years, there's a sponsor that remains so iconic and recognisable to a certain team that instantly reminds you of an era or even just a player. We look back at the best kit sponsors, from a wide range of brands which we wish would make a return to these teams.


Arsenal - JVC

Everyone had a JVC video player yet still related the technology giants to the gunners and all the fantastic kits during the 90s. From the infamous 'Bruised Banana' shirt to the striking blue design away shirts - JVC made arsenal look great again. Nice and simple designs never go a miss.


Liverpool - Carlsberg

Back when alcohol was advertised everywhere in football, Liverpool became synonymous with the lager brand. Think 90's or 00's liverpool shirt and up pops a Carlsberg logo. Enough to make us want a cheeky pint now.


Newcastle - Newcastle Brown Ale

See its not just the fact it's a local brand, or even that it's another Beer brand for us to sink pre match - it's because it looked so bloody good on a black and white jersey. Perhaps on the front of the two most iconic Newcastle Shirts ever, this sponsor was a belter.


Fiorentina - Nintendo

Because It just couldn't look any better.


AC Milan - Motta

Pre PSG holding midfield player, Milan had a classy Motta sponsor. Although we can't really tell you anything about them as a brand, the kits it featured on are the holy grail of Italian early 90s kits. Get me one now, please.


Celtic - Umbro

When Umbro made and sponsored the scottish giants. Bit over the top but it actually worked very well.


PSG - Commodore



Leicester City - Walkers

When everything Leicester City was either Gary Lineker or crisp related. The team werent hitting the same heights as today but the kits lived long in the memory.



Right, theres a few to reminisce about - but i'm sure there's plenty more!