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End of an era for the San Siro.

Earlier this week, it was announced that the San Siro was to be demolished and as a result, we've cast our minds back to 1996 for @trekaurtista95 and picked our defining memory of the Iconic Stadium. I'm sure one or two of you may remember this goal...

As the San Siro is set to be demolished, it’s hard to name a more iconic arena in world football.

^ The San Siro is to be demolished making way for a proposed new stadium for the two Milan Giants.

Home to countless great matches, goals and players - my mind always casts back to the magical mid ‘90s, when a balletic George Weah picked up the ball from an opposition corner in his own area in front of the expectant San Siro faithful.

^ George Weah wearing the Iconic red and black stripes of AC Milan in 1996

Donning the iconic red and black stripes of a classic Lotto A.C Milan home shirt, he purposefully strides forward leaving Verona players behind - weaving in and out of the hapless defence and dodging everyone in his way before calmly slotting the ball past the keeper.

^ Weah famed for wearing his red boots, scored 46 league goals for the club during a 5 year stint at the Guiseppe Meazza.

Having just run the distance of the pitch to eventually score a wonderful solo goal, the 80,000 fans erupt into ecstasy over the voice of the excitable Peter Brackley and his commentary for Channel 4’s ‘Football Italia’. A goal worth watching over and over again, in a stadium that’ll take some replacing.

^ George Weah celebrating for A.C


Agree with our choice? Or is there any other choices you can think or which stick in your head when thinking back to the San Siro's legacy? Let us know and whilst you're there, make sure to give @trekuartista95 a follow on Instagram.