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Dennis Bergkamp, the Genius.

Dennis wasn't a fan of flying, he was a fairly shy chap off the field and at times, was prone to a nasty little challenge. All that aside though, he was perhaps the most techniquely gifted player of his generation - able to make the most simplest of passes, look good. Always playing in the hole, between the midfield and the centre forward - Bergkamp was the creative force behind Wenger's revolution of the 90s. Exquisite touch, a sensational eye for a pass and able to concoct stunning ways in which to score, Dennis just knew he was better than everyone else on the field because quite frankly, he was.

A prolific goalscorer whilst at Ajax, Bergkamp switched to Inter Milan and whilst it was a step forward in his career - he just couldn't settle. Moving to Arsenal proved a masterstroke as he became the best in the world in his position. Watching him play, with a certain swagger was almost the reason why I loved football. Being able to manipulate the ball in a way that looked as though it was tied to his boot by a piece of string, Dennis would in most games nonchalantly caress the ball into the path of his teammates, who would take the glory. Yet, Dennis didn't need the glory - he knew he was the best player on the pitch. If you catch a glimpse of Dennis's best goals and touches, assists and passes on youtube - all of them (i mean all of them) just look bloody great on the eye. He never scrappily passed or scored, he did it with a swagger and confidence that left fans yearning for more. In comparison, you can clearly see he was Dutch and schooled under the late, great Johan Cruyff 'Total Football' way of seeing the game.

In 1997, Dennis confirmed to every Premier League Fan just how good he was, with a touch of class against Leicester City at Filbert Street. He scored a Hattrick - perhaps the best hattrick he could've possibly come up with. The final goal being a deft touch from a 40 yard pass, a flick under the defender and a curling shot passed into the top corner - it Looked as if he could do it in his sleep. And then there was 2002 against Newcastle at St James Park - officially the greatest goal in premier League History. Still to this day i don't really know how he did it. In fact, if you watched it on repeat for 20 years - you would probably still  struggle to understand how he thought up the idea, let alone actually do it.

That Goal alone confirms, in my opinion, that Dennis Bergkamp was the most talented Football player the Premier League has ever seen. All Hail Dennis.